WhY Emergent CLinical?

Traditional Contract Research Organization (CRO) bids are structured through unit based pricing, a tactic that flattens and separates the number of hours of work performed from the completed task. The argument for this approach is that it provides the Sponsor with transparency of costs by limiting exposure; however, reports suggest that up to 25% of CRO revenue is generated from change orders. By providing a low initial estimate and relying on the inevitable changes during the study execution, some CROs can gain business and additional revenue beyond the initial estimates. By contrast, the Emergent Clinical team bills on an hourly basis as opposed to a unit-based pricing model, which provides our customers with a level of transparency not typical in the clinical space. In addition to the pricing transparency, Emergent Clinical is structured to act as the virtual clinical development team in support of a Sponsor’s scientific and commercial development program. Unlike some large clinical service providers, the Emergent team brings a balance of both experience and value. On average, the Emergent Clinical Project Management Team has 13 years of industry experience and at an hourly rate that is 30% lower than staff rates within CROs. This model has been successful in supporting medical device manufacturers with both pre and postmarket studies while being conscious of constraints on budgets and resources. . 

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Who is Emergent CLinical?

Emergent Clinical Consulting was built out of a need in the medical device industry to provide high quality clinical support without bringing on the burden of additional overhead within an organization. In 2013, the boutique service provider was formed with a small team of clinical professionals focused on the unique needs of medical device organizations. By focusing on the most complex areas of the trial including strategic clinical planning, study management, trial monitoring, patient recruitment and patient retention, Emergent Clinical can ensure that device manufacturers receive the expertise and support they require without the excessive overhead from other service providers. 

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