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Finding the Right Partner - Executing a competitive bidding process

Scientific Intake initiated a multi-center, clinical trial of the “Sensor Monitored Alimentary Restriction Therapy” or SMART device (a non-significant risk device) being conducted in the obesity space. At the time of Emergent Clinical Consulting’s involvement in the study, Scientific Intake was far along in the discussions with a CRO to support the upcoming study, but the CEO wanted to validate their experience in the space. 

Emergent Clinical Consulting reviewed Scientific Intake’s goals and initiated a competitive bidding process with three full service CROs and one independent staffing organization.

By determining Scientific Intake’s core competencies, current clinical needs and strategic clinical plan, an alternative full-service vendor was identified and selected. This translated into a 23% cost savings over the original CRO’s proposal and allowed the company to identify a more experienced partner. In this case study, Emergent Clinical Consulting served as Scientific Intake’s clinical lead during the operational implementation and oversight of the study. When asked about his experience on implementing a process for vendor selection, Bill Longley, CEO of Scientific Intake stated: “I now know that finding, selecting and the ongoing management of a CRO is the most important decision a medical device company can make. The decision is complex and I cannot imagine trying to do this without a methodical process to ensure that we setup the right structure for the trial. As an entrepreneur, there are a lot of things that keep me up at night, but our process for vendor selection was not one of them.”